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TC Energy Trade Suit Sees Movement

The company behind the Keystone XL pipeline, TC Energy, is seeking $15 billion in compensation from the United States via a formal request for arbitration. The case will proceed as a legacy NAFTA case, as the trade agreement was in place at the time of initial agreements.

Montana and Texas have also filed suit over the issue, along with 21 other states located along the proposed pipeline route.

Keystone has been a contentious issue over the past decade, with presidents and interest groups contesting plans and proposed routes. The pipeline was to carry hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil from Alberta to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

Tribal and environmental groups have opposed the controversial project.

According to TC Energy, cancellation of the 1,897-mile pipeline led to thousands of layoffs of union workers left Alberta taxpayers holding $1.3 billion in loans.

The case will be heard by Judge Jeffrey V. Brown Dec. 8. Brown will hear oral arguments on a motion to dismiss filed by the federal government in September. TC Energy filed a notice of intent to pursue damages in July.

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