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Snyder Stays On The Move As Student In Culbertson

Snyder Stays On The Move As Student In Culbertson Snyder Stays On The Move As Student In Culbertson

Senior Profile

It’s not unusual to see Culbertson High School senior Wyatt Snyder running.

Whether it’s cross country or track season, Snyder is very dedicated to being the best that he can become in those sports.

“It’s pretty fun,” Snyder said of being on the cross-country team. “I like the road trips especially the trip to state.”

This year, Snyder finished 46th at the Class C state meet with a time of 21:20.56.

“I’ve stayed pretty consistent,” Snyder said. “I’ve maybe improved a little each year.”

During track season, the distances for Snyder’s events are much shorter. He races in three sprints and is a member of two relay teams for the Cowboys.

He was pleased that the Cowboys qualified for the state meet in one relay race last track season.

“I like track a little more,” he said. “There’s more people I know there.” Snyder also plays a key role in Culbertson’s FFA program. He serves as the chapter’s sentinel.

His duties include greeting people at meetings and ordering snacks or breakfast.

Snyder competes in mechanics and sales for FFA.

He has placed second at the JV level in mechanics and has also earned other recognition at competitions.

“I like working on vehicles and things,” Snyder said. “Mechanics comes pretty easy to me.”

A highlight was attending the national FFA competition held in Indianapolis this October.

“That was cool,” Snyder said. “That was the biggest city that I’ve ever been to.”

His favorite class in Culbertson is industrial arts.

After graduating from high school, Snyder will serve an apprenticeship under an electrician in Rapid City, S.D.

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